Join shoppers from all over the world at one of the most prestigious antique shows, specializing in Pre-Civil War and Victorian eras!

Join Us September 20 & 21 for Antique Elegance 2014!

We would like to invite you to one of the most prestigious antique shows in the South! Antique Elegance® has endeavored to bring together the best in unique and fine quality items, specializing in Pre- Civil War and the Victorian era through 1950s, along with friendly experts, to provide our clientele with the best possible experience!

Twice a year, our exhibit space is packed with world quality antiques such as jewelry, china, artwork, crystal, cut glass, textiles and more. It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website, and also to our show; join the thousands of attendees, collectors and industry experts from our the world, for our 38th bi-annual show! If you are interested in joining the AE family as an exhibitor, please see the link at the bottom of the page. Complete details about AE.

You’ll also find on this website all the pertinent information on Steven Porterfield’s other shows and exhibits, The Cat’s Meow, appraisals, contracting him for Estate Sales, and how to find him on Antiques Roadshow.

411 West Arapaho Road, Richardson, TX  | (972) 744-4090 | Google Maps

About Steven Porterfield

Steven is the owner of The Cats Meow, in Midland, TX, a mecca of textile and antique collectors since 1985. Since then, the store has been expanded and developed into a large venture, selling not only vintage clothing, but a wide variety of antiques, textiles, and jewelry. His clientele includes collectors, museums, industrialists, the general public, the fashion movie and television industries--including items for use in award-winning shows such as MAD MEN,   read more >>

…from the serious collector and professional to the public-at-large, Antique Elegance draws shoppers and collectors from around the world; being in great demand by discerning collectors in the Far East!